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Wooden Ships (Crosby demo 1968)
Lady Friend (Crosby demo 1967)
49 Bye Byes (Stills demo 1968)
Guinnevere (Crosby demo 1968)
Long Time Gone (Stills/Crosby, Demo 1968)
Laughing (Crosby demo 1968)
Mr. Soul (CSN&Y, live at Woodstock 1969)
I've Loved Her So Long (CSN&Y, live 1969)
Bluebird Revisited (CSN&Y, live 1969)
So Begins the Task (CSN&Y, live 1969)
Little Miss Bright Eyes (Stills, demo 69-71)
Kids and Dogs (Crosby/Jerry Garcia, outtake 70-71)
The Wall Song (Crosby, demo rec. during "If I Could Only..."-session)
Is It Really Monday? (Crosby, live 1971)
You Sit There (Crosby 1971)
Over Jordan/Wayfaring Stranger (Crosby, live 1971)
Walking in the Mountains (Crosby, live 1971)
The Wall Song (Crosby, live 1970)
Cowboy Movie (Crosby/Young, outtake "If I Could Only..."-session)


Dancer (Crosby, demo "If I Could Only..."-session)
Tamalpais High (At About 3) (Crosby, outtake "If I Could Only.."-session)
Everybody's Been Burned (Nash, basement recording 1970)
The Wall Song (Crosby/Nash, unedited version)
Daylight Again/Find the Coast of Freedom (Manassas, BBC-TV live 1972)
Rolling My Stone (Manassas, live 1972)
Thoroughfare Gap (Manassas outtake "Down the Road" 1973)
Witching Hour (Manassas outtake "Down the Road" 1973)
White Nigger (High and Dry) (Manassas outtake "Down the Road" 1973)
So You Want To Be A Rock'n'Roll Star (Manassas live 1973)
Your Life Is What You Fill Your Day With (Crosby 1973)
Human Highway (CSN&Y "Long May You Run"-session 1976)
Prison Song (CSN&Y 1973)
See The Changes (CSN&Y 1973)
And So It Goes (CSN&Y 1973)
Little Blind Fish (CSN&Y 1974)
Traces (CSN&Y live 1974)


Black Queen (CSN&Y live 1974)
Love Art Blues (CSN&Y live 1974)
Pushed It Over The End (CSN&Y live 1974)
Time After Time (CSN&Y live 1974)
Hawaiian Sunrise (CSN&Y live 1974)
See You In The Spring (comp. King)(Crosby Nash/Carol King live 1975)
On The Beach (Stills Young live 1975)
Suite: Judy Blue Eyes (Stills Young Band live 1976)
Taken At All (Stills live 1976)
One Moment At A Time (Stills live 1978)
Colorado (Stills live 1978)
Take Me Back To The Ohio Valley (Stills live 1978)
Cherokee (Stills & The California Blues Band live 1979)
Uncle James (Stills & The California Blues Band live 1979)
Come On In My Kitchen (Stills & The California Blues Band live 1979)
Samurai (Crosby 1980)
Kids And Dogs (Crosby 1970, edited 1980)


Precious Love (Stills & The California Blues Band live 1979)
Melody (Crosby 1980)
Flying Man (comp. Crosby/Doerge)(Crosby 1980)
Turn Your Back On Love (Stills/Nash rehearsel, alternate lyrics 1980/81)
Unknown backing track (Stills/Nash outtake 1980/81)
Southern Cross (Stills & The California Blues Band live TV 1979)
Susie Jane (Stills & The California Blues Band live 1979)
Dangerous Woman On The Loose (Stills live 1980)
Paris Song (comp. Stills/Dacus) (1983, original "Closer To You" 1976)
Vote (comp. Nash) (CSN live 1984)
Lonely Man (comp. Nash) (CSN live 1985)
Unconditional Blues (Buffalo Springfield 1986)
He's An American (Crosby live 1987)
65+Jeans (Stills live 1987)
Soldiers Of Peace (Nash demo 1988)
The Monkey And The Underdog (Crosby demo 1989)
I'm Flying (comp. Crosby Hedges) (Crosby/Hedges demo 1986)
America (comp.Simon) (Nash live 1990)


Silver And Gold (CSNY live 1989)
As Much As I Understand (That's Our Destiny)(Stills live 1991)
The Shell (Nash live 1991)
A Case Of You (Nash live 1991)
On The Other Side Of Town (Nash live 1991)
Try To Find Me (Nash live 1991)
Born In Chicago (Stills live 1995)
Treetop Flyer (Stills live 1995)
Turn! Turn! Turn! (CSN live 1996)
Acadienne (Stills live 1998)
Mr. Soul (Stills live 1998)
Live On (Nash 1998)
Out Of Control (Stills TV 2000)
The Dolphins (Stills live 2001)
Eight Miles High (CSNY live 2002)
Man Of Constant Sorrow (Stills live 2001)
Feed The People - Stills(CSNY live 2002)
Old Man Trouble (CSNY live 2002)
Half Your Angels (CSN 1998)