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Rollin' My Stone    (Stephen Stills/Fuzzy Samuel)

Can you see the running their games on my mind
See the wasted energy fling by
Whispering shadows standin' somewhere close by
Don't mean nothing to me, I can't see your eyes

Somebody rollin' my stone
How could you leave me alone
Oh darlin' you're on your own
Nobody rollin' my stone
on down the road

And I know I've done the same sort of thing
Hidin' inside myself, can't find my way out again
And the world can get so twisted from Mary Jane
Lookin' back it seems so ridiculous insane

Somebody rollin'....

So then what have I got to say to you
Nobody's tryin' to tell you what to do
Then they know when you think of something new
Why are you sailin' with that fair weather crew

Manassas  "Down The Road"  1973