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Lyrics in alphabethical order

A   A Child's Claim To Fame
B   Baby Don't Scold Me
    Broken Arrow
C   Can't Keep Me Down
    Carefree Country Day
    A Child's Claim To Fame
    Come On Lover
D   Do I Have To Come Right Out And Say It
    Down Down Down
    Down To The Wire
E   Everybody's Wrong
    Expecting To Fly
F   Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
    For What It's Worth
    Four Days Gone
G   Go And Say Goodbye
    Good Time Boy
H   Hot Dusty Roads
    The Hour Of Not Quite Rain
    Hung Upside Down
I   I'm Your Kind Of Guy
    I Am A Child
    It's So Hard To Wait
K   Kind Woman
L   Leave
M   Merry-Go-Round
    Mr. Soul
    My Angel
    My Kind Of Love
N   Neighbor Don't You Worry
    Nobody's Fool
    Nowadays Clancy Can't Even Sing
O   Old Laughing Lady
    On The Way Home
    One More Sign
    Out Of My Mind
P   Pay The Price
    Pretty Girl Why
Q   Questions
R   The Rent Is Always Due
    Rock & Roll Woman
    Round And Round And Round
S   Sad Memory
    Sell Out
    Sit Down I Think I Love You
    So You've Got A Lover
    Special Care
T   The Hour of Not Quite Rain
    The Rent Is Always Due
    There Goes My Babe
U   Uno Mundo
W   Whatever Happened To Saturday Night?
    We'll See
#   1 More Sign
    4 Days Gone

Buffalo Springfield complete (MSWord format 1,5MB)

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