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Everydays (Stills)

1. Look at the sad goodbyes, everyday's a killin' time
Sun comin' up outside, no men are born this time
Saturday's child stays home, nothin' you say is so wrong

- Well, well, well, another day
Well, well, well, another day

2. Grocery store, Templex just makin' change, plastic checks
Up in a tree a jailbird yellin' at me, no words
Every one looks, can't see can be ignored easy

- Well, well, well, another day...

-- Softenin' the wayward things of ecstasy
The sound of trees, most any please what a ba - by sees

3. Beautiful face, alright, many a place uptight
Old woman there in red shoes, a million balloons, all hues
Drive in the hills, forget fear, gettin' it on in second gear

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