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Flying On The Ground Is Wrong (Young)

1. Is my world not falling down, Iím in pieces on the ground
And my eyes arenít open and Iím standing on my knees

But if crying and holding on and flying on the ground is wrong
Then Iím sorry to let you down but youíre from my side of town
And Iíll miss you

2. Turn me up or turn me down, turn me off or turn me Ďround
I wish I could have met you in a place where we both belong
But if crying...

- Sometimes I feel like Iím just a helpless child
Sometimes I feel like a king, but baby
Since I have changed I canít take nothing home

3. City lights at a country fair never shine but always glare
If Iím bright enough to see you youíre just too dark to care
But if crying...

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