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Hot Dusty Roads (Stills)

1. I don't tell no tales about no hot dusty roads
I'm a city boy and I stay at home
I make no excuses I just don't want to roam
And I don't like being alone

2. I give you loving and a place to take off your shoes
It does surprising things for a case of the blues
It ainít no club, you donít have to pay no dues
You just love me and I love you

- And if you take some pride in being alive
If you're interested in looking inside - of yourself
Just drop on by, baby ask me why
At least you don't have to be by - yourself

3. Just come knock, most likely I'll be there
Then you look around, find a comfortable chair
And then you sit, and you might think about
Why he's there, I can't tell you why, only where

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