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2016        CD
  Weiterführende Gedanken Vol.2
2015        CD
  Weiterführende Gedanken
2014      CD
2013      CD
  Merce Perez and The Robins sing
April 2012      CD
  Ulrike Loos and The Robins sing Vol 2
September 2011      live videos
Joachim Kettner & The Sitting Crew
February 2011   
  The Tom Hat Trio plays
  Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline
March 2010      CD
  The Robins sing Folksongs
October 2008      CD
October 2007      CD
The Robins sing Christmas Songs
September 2006      CD
  The Robins sing Volkslieder
October 2005      CD
  The Robins sing
  the Songs of Stephen Collins Foster
December 2004      video CD
December 2004      CD
December 2003      CD
  The Robins play
December 2002      CD
  The Robins sing Twingo
June 2002      single CD
  Das Menue
December 2001      CD
  The Robins sing Rainbow Nation
June 2001      single CD
  Celtic Cottage
February 2001      CD
  best of The Robins sing
December 2000      CD
  The Robins sing Blue Northern
April 8th 2000      2CD
  The Robins sing live in Rheine
February 2000      CD
  The Robins sing Lotte on the Moon
November 1999      CD
  Ulrike Loos and The Robins sing
July 1999      2CD
  The Robins sing Dylan
April 1999   

  Willy Brauch feat. The Robins sing
  Es geht nicht

January 1999      CD
  Willy Brauch feat. The Robins sing
1998      CD
  Basement Tapes
1997      CD
  Wylly Live
1996      Tape/Video
  Braune Augen
1995      Tape/Video
  Tequila Braun
1993        Recordings 
1993      Tape/Video
1991/93     Tape/Video
1986      Tape/Video
  Birgit Dörfer Sextet
1984/85      Tape/Video
  Blues Cafe
1978      Tape/Video
  Full Circle