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1. American Patrol  (F.W.Meacham)   10. He'll Have To Go  (Allison/Allison)
2. Mr. Kinteh   11. Le papillon (M. Giuliani)
3. Last Date  (F. Kramer)   12. Walk Don't Run  (J. Smith)
4. Pech dass ich ein Gadcho bin   13. Omelette Soufflee
5. Glanzleistung   14. Was bin ich  (R. Lemke)
6. Antunes Classical Mood   15. Der Ort
7. HSB-Blues   16. Bob Dylan's Dream (B. Dylan)
8. To France with Andrea   17. Alles tut mir weh
9. When it comes to dream east   18. Ruestung
    Bonustrack: Show what you can

All songs written by W. Brauch except where noted
Recorded Nov. 2002 - Aug. 2003
Mixing: Mani Hurth - Cover: Mani Hurth - Robins Logo: Fred Zimmermann

Willy Brauch

     g, keyb, voc (14, 18) harm.

Franz Bickel

     soprano sax

Joachim Kettner

     pedal steel, acc guitar (10)

Mani Hurth

     bass, keyboard (3, 10)

Robert Langer

     drums, synth drums, percussion, voc (16)

Ulrike Loos

     voc (15)

Merce Perez

     voc (17)