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Rainbow Nation


All songs written by W. Brauch except where noted

November 2000 - November 2001


Call It Friendship

The Ballad Of David And Goliath

The Reason I Live  (Johannes Grau)

Lady O  (Judee Sill)

Next Time

Sacrifice Your Yearnings

Climb Up To The Light (Willy)

Kerouac In France

No Hard Feelings  (Till Hoffmann-Remy)

The Salamanca Concept

Dreary Sunday Blues  (Julia Brauch)

Brand New Balcony

The Loving Of The Game  (Pat Garvey)

Winston o' Boogie

Rainbow Nation


mani hurth
johannes grau
joachim kettner
julia brauch
till hoffmann-remy
robert langer
merce perez
ulli loos
willy brauch

  voc, b, acc.12str
  voc, g
  voc, ped steel, elg
  voc, piano
  voc, g
  d, perc
  voc, g, keyb