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The song was originally written by Chris Hillman and Rick Roberts.
Rick Roberts tells the story:

CH and I played the version we had written sitting in the studio after a Thursday night session. We didn't know that tape was still running. We went back up north for the weekend to do Burrito gigs, and when we came back to Miami on Monday, Stephen presented the song to us with an already complete new set of lyrics. He and Chris may have done some minor tweaking after that, but Stephen had written the whole thing himself over the weekend.
Stephen didn't write the song all by himself. Just the lyrics for the Manassas version.
And he kept our title. I'm completely cool with how Chris has handled it all. He told me personally that he regretted not having made sure I was credited on their version, but there was a lot going on at that time, and it's easy to see how the omission could have happened. I don't blame SS either. He may well have assumed that Chris wrote the song himself, or that I just helped with the words. My only doubt lies in just how hard he tried to find out, and the fact that my performance credit on that Manassas album also seems to have been overlooked. I sang on three songs, including a straight 3-part vocal on "Sing to the Fallen Eagle."

  It Doesn't Matter (Roberts/Hillman)
original version
written by Rick Roberts and Chris Hillman

She was just looking
Wondering if you might notice her smile
She was just watching
Hoping you might want to stay for awhile
Let her be by your side
You don't have to say why

You don't have to say why
It doesn't matter
She was just looking at you
Standing alone while she tells you goodbye
She still wishes you'd stay
Wanting to tell you the way that she feels
She can't think what to say
Except don't walk away
You might need her someday

You might need her someday
It doesn't matter
She was just looking at you

She was just watching
As you walked away without turning around
She was just crying
Her head in her hands and her eyes on the ground
Without making a sound
Oh but don't turn around
Leave her behind
She'll be around

If you change your mind baby
It doesn't matter
She was just looking at you

From Firefall "Firefall"
1976 Atlantic Records
Gold Hill Music(ASCAP)
Stephen Stills Music(BMI)
It Doesn't Matter (Stills/Hillman)
It should read (Hillman/Roberts/Stills)

Falling and spinning losing and winning keeping my head
Watching for signals wearisome vigil was I mislead
I remember you said
That you don't want to forget me
It doesn't matter which of our fantasy's fail
Every tomorrow looking tomorrow a piece of today
Run a bit faster here comes the catcher making his play
You had better not stay
You will soon be surrounded
It doesn't matter which of our fantasy's stay

Lonely and winsome calling for someone living right now
Something is shallow ugly and hollow
Doesn't even allow you to want to know how
You might live for the living
Give for the giving moment by moment
One day at a time
It doesn't matter it's nothing but dreaming anyhow

Stephen Stills "Manassas" 1972

Chris Hillman "The Other Side" 2005

"Three Byrds Land in London"