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Rick Roberts (Acoustic Guitar, vocals)
Larry Burnett (Guitar, vocals)
Mark Andes (Bass)
Jock Bartley (Guitar)
Michael Clarke (Drums)
David Muse (Piano, synth, flute, sax, harm.)
Joe Lala (Percussion)
Wayne Jackson, Peter Graves,
Jack Hale, Whit Sidener (Horns)

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You Are The Woman  (Roberts)
Mexico  (Roberts)
Do What You Want (Burnett)
It Doesn't Matter (Roberts/Hillman)    
Love Isn't All (Burnett)
Livin' Ain't Livin' (Roberts)
No Way Out (Burnett)
Dolphin's Lullabye (Roberts)
Cinderella  (Burnett)
Sad Ol' Love Song (Burnett)