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some of McGuinn's Folk Den Songs


  The Battle Hymne Of The Republic (Glory Glory Haleluja)
  Bobby From Chi (trad./John Brown&Elane McFarlane)
  Bound To Australia  (trad.)
  Brandy Leave Me Alone  (trad.)
  Brazos River (trad.)
  Bring Me Some Water Sylvie (trad.)
  Cane (trad.)
  Catch The Greenland Whale (trad.)
  Coffee Grows On White Oak Trees
  Cold Cold Coast Of Greenland (trad.)
  Colorado Trail (trad./McGuinn McGuinn)
  The Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase
  Dink's Song  (trad.)
  Fair Nottamun Town (trad.)
  Go To Sea Once More  (trad.)
  Golden Vanity (trad.)
  The House Of The Rising Sun
  I Heard The Bells Of Christmas (Wadsworth Longfellow)
  Lilli Of The West  (trad.)
  Lost Jimmy Whelan (trad.)
  Makes A Long Time Man Feel Bad
  Mary Had A Baby (trad.)
  Nancy Whiskey (trad.)
  The Riddle Song (trad.)
  Rock Island Line (Ledbetter)
  Spanish Is The Loving Tongue
  Stewball (trad.)
  Streets Of Laredo (trad.)
  This Train (trad.)
  To Morrow (trad.)
  The Twelve Days Of Christmas
  The Wagoner's Lad (trad)
  Waltzing Matilda (trad.)
  What Child Is This (trad./Chatterton Dix)
  Wild Goose (trad.)

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