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Bobby From Chi
To the tune of "Sweet Betsy From Pike"
Lyrics by: John Brown & Elane McFarlane

Oh don't you remember sweet Bobby from Chi?
He sang in a cellar, a folk-singin' guy
He picked on the banjo and 12-string guitar
At the old Gate of Horn, what a wonderful bar!

And down in that cellar, all smoky and damp
He sang of Old Blue with young Bobby Camp
The crowd was ecstatic, my gosh what a scene
With liner notes written by Shel Silverstein

They gave the old folk songs a twist that was new
Camp hollered "I'm sorry your mother turned blue"
In three-button suits they were polished and lean
They kept off the weight with that pure methadrene

Now all us young folkies thought Bob was the rage
We'd sneak in the "Gate" and we'd sit near the stage
But we didn't go there just lookin' for kicks
We'd check out his changes and copy his licks

Oh don't you remember sweet Bobby my friend?
We'll be playing your music from now 'til the end
Now here's to you Bobby, a toast from the heart
Make Saint Peter smile with that 12-string guitar

1998 McGuinn Music - Roger McGuinn