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Chris Hillman, Bernie Leadon, Al Perkins, David Mansfield, Jerry Scheff

Guests on Bonustracks: Steve Hill, Tommy Funderburk, Dan McCorison, Ray Park

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River Of Jordan (Hazel Houser) Livin' In The Name Of Love (Rushing/Chapman)
I'll Be No Stranger There (trad.) Boat Of Love (James W. Smith)
Don't Let Them Take The Bible Out Of Our Schoolrooms (McGraw)     Men Are So Busy  (Houser)
God Loves His Children (Flatt/Scruggs) I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map (D.Reno/C.Schroeder)
It's Beginning To Rain (Gaither/Wilburn) Panhandle Rag (Leon McHuitte)

CD-Bonustracks taken from "Down Home Praise":   

Church in the Wildwood  (trad.)
  Rule Over My Soul  (trad.)
  Where Could I go  (J. B. Coates)
  On The Sea Of Life  (T. S. Sloane)