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Lena Beckett Biography


Lena was born in Burbank CA in 1975 and lived there until she moved
to the big island of Hawaii in 1984. A natural musician, Lena's
career in show business began at age two. While at a concert her
father (Jerry Yester, a founding member of the Modern Folk Quartet
and currently a Lovin' Spoonful) was performing in New York City.
Lena came in from the wings and climbed up onto the stool on stage
and sang the ABC song to a delighted audience. She has played the
piano since before she can remember and learned guitar at age ten,
which also was when she wrote her first song.

In 1990 Lena moved with her family to Portland OR, all the while
continuing to write songs and work on her music. In 1993 when her
uncle (Jim Yester founding member of The Association and at that
time a member of the Lovin' Spoonful ) left the band to pursue other
opportunities, Lena applied for and got the job of guitar/keyboard
player and vocalist and has been with us ever since.

Lena still makes her home in Portland when she's not on the road and
looks forward to a long and successful career as a songwriter and