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The Lovin' Spoonful

John Sebastian

1965  Do You Believe In Magic 1970  John B.Sebastian
1966  Daydream 1971  Real Live John Sebastian
1966  What's Shakin'? 1971  The Four Of Us
1966  What's Up, Tiger Lily? 1975  Tarzana Kid
1966  Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful              1976  Welcome Back
1967  You're A Big Boy Now 1989  Best Of John Sebastian
1967  Everything Playing 1992  Tar Beach
1968  Revelation: Revolution '69 1996  King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents
1999  Live at The Hotel Seville 1996  with the J-Band: I Want My Roots
  1999  with the J-Band: Chasin' Gus' Ghost
2007  John Sebastian David Grisman
  2007  Life and Times

Zalman Yanovsky

Jerry Yester

1967  Alive And Well In Argentina 1969  w. Judy Henske: Farewell Aldebaran
1971  w. Judy Henske: Rosebud
1990  Just Like The Big Time ...Only Smaller
2009  Yester
2010  Sentimental Journey - Live