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Judy Henske  Discography

Dave Guard and the Whiskeyhill Singers
featuring Judy Henske, Cyrus Faryar, Dave Guard, and David "Buck"

"Ride on Railroad Bill" / "Plane Wreck at Los Gatos," Capitol
Dave Guard and the Whiskeyhill Singers, 1962 Capitol T/ST-1728 
the Soundtrack to How the West Was Won, 1963, MGM S1E-5
and the 1997 compact disc reissue, Rhino 72458 
the Kingston Trio: the Capitol Years, 1995, Capitol CDP 7243 8
28498 2 7 (This four disc box set is currently in print, but contains
only one track by the Whiskeyhill Singers.) 

Judy Henske, solo artist

Full-length LPs: 
Judy Henske, 1963, Elektra EKS-7231 (Stereo) and
EKS-7231 (Mono) 
High Flyin' Bird, 1963, Elektra EKS-7241 (Stereo) and
EKS-7241 (Mono) 
Little Bit of Sunshine... Little Bit of Rain, 1965, Mercury
SR 61010 (Stereo) and Mercury MG 21010 (Mono) 
The Death Defying Judy Henske, 1966, Reprise R-6203
(Stereo and Mono) 
Loose In The World, 1999, Fair Star Music, no catalog
number. CD Release. 
"That's Enough" / "Oh, Didn't He Ramble," 1962, Staccato
101 and Gold Leaf 1001. Credited to Judy Hart 
"I Know You Rider" / "Love Henry," 1963, Elektra 45004 
"High Flyin' Bird" / "Charlotte Town," 1963, Elektra 45007 
"Til The Real Thing Comes Along" / "Lonely Train," 1963,
Elektra 45010 
"Crazy He Calls Me" / "Baby," 1965, Mercury 72387 
"Road to Nowhere" / "Sing A Rainbow," 1966, Reprise
"Day To Day" / "Dolphins In The Sea," 1966, Reprise 0587
Compilation LPs: 
Coffee House, 1962, Dorian 1001. Compilation LP. 
Hootenanny at the Troubadour, 1963, Horizon WLPS-1616.
Compilation LP featuring "The House Of The Rising Sun,"
and "Go Tell It On The Mountain." 
The Original Hootenanny, 1963, Crestview CRV(S)-(7)806.
Compilation LP featuring "Wade In The Water." 
The Original Hootenanny, Volume 2, 1963, Crestview
CRV(S)-(7)807. Compilation LP featuring "Hooka Tooka." 
Folk '66, 1966, Design 207. Compilation LP featuring "Over
The Hills And Everywhere." 
Bleeker and MacDougal: Folk Scene Of The 1960's, 1984,
Elektra 60381-1/2. Compilation featuring "Wade In The
Troubadours of the Folk Era, Volume 2, 1992, Rhino
R2-70263. Compilation CD featuring "High Flying Bird." 
Safe House, 1998, Relativity/Sony 1673-2. Compilation CD
includes "Till the Real Thing Comes Along." 

Judy Henske and Jerry Yester

"Snowblind" / "Horses On A Stick," 1968, Straight Records 102 
Farewell Aldebaran, 1968, Straight Records STS-1052 and
Reprise Records RS-6388 
Zapped, 1969, Bizarre PRO-368. Compilation LP featuring "St.
Nicholas Hall." 
Zapped, 1969, Warner Brothers PRO-368. Second-edition
features new cover and four different tracks. Includes "Horses on
a Stick." 

featuring Judy Henske, Craig Doerge, John Seiter, David Vaught, and
Jerry Yester 

"Western Wisconsin" / "Lazy," 1971, Reprise 0964 
"Roll Home Cheyenne" / "Reno," 1971, Reprise 1036 
Rosebud, 1971, Reprise RS 6426 
Non-Dairy Creamer, 1971, Warner Brothers PRO-443. A
compilation LP featuring "Western Wisconsin." 
Hot Platters, 1971, Warner Brothers PRO-474. A compilation LP
featuring "Lullaby II (Summer Carol)." 


The Section, Fork It Over, Capitol 11656, 1977, "Bad Shoes"
Craig Doerge, Craig Doerge, Columbia 32179. 
Bette Midler, Broken Blossom, Atlantic 82780, 1977, "Yellow
Beach Umbrella" (Doerge/Henske). 
Libby Titus, Libby Titus, Columbia 34152, 1977, "Yellow Beach
Umbrella" (Doerge/Henske) 
David Crosby, Oh Yes I Can, A&M 75021-5232-2. 
Crosby, Stills, and Nash, Daylight Again, "Might as Well Have a
Good Time" (Doerge/Henske). 

Film Music

Roller Blade Seven 
Big Sister 2000 
El Chupacabras 
Rich Kids 
Hootenany Hoot