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The Chez Piggy Cookbook

“Located in the heart of Kingston, Ontario's historic downtown, the whimsically named Chez Piggy is the culinary offspring of Rose Richardson and Zal Yanovsky. Nearly 20 years ago, the couple renovated an abandoned limestone stable and launched a dining experience that blends grace and gusto, taste and imagination-and helped make Kingston a destination for food lovers. In the Chez Piggy Cookbook, Rose and Zal share hundreds of restaurant favorites that have inspired loyalty among devoted diners from both near and far. For anyone who has ever delighted in a sizzling skillet of Gambas al Ajillo while quaffing and ice cold draft in Chez Piggy's sun-dappled courtyard or sipped an eggnog in the comfort of the cozy bar on a blustery winter's night, this cookbook's for you. And if you can't make the journey in person, treat yourself to the rich breadth of these offerings in your own home.”

Manufacturer: Rose Richardson and Zal Yanovsky
Compiled by Vic