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You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine  (John Sebastian)

Mom and Dad had trouble just gettin' along
So they split each in their own way
Now one lives here and one lives there
And my wife's folks did the same
Now we got a son
He's got next to no one
Everybody's so spread out
He's got his next of kin right next to him
But after that we've learned to say

You go your way and I'll go mine
Ain't that how it is nowadays
People drift away in time
You go your way and I'll go mine

I had a secret love
She used to wake me up in the mornin'
With her kiss of fire
But then the fire cooled
She moved away to school
I couldn't help but think the timin' was right
It was the other day
I saw an older face and stopped
To see if we could still be friends
You know her special one
He wasn't havin' none
He said haven't you learned to say

You go your way....

So if there's just one person
In the whole wide world
And you love ém like an only friend
You better let ém know, you better tell èm so
A better chance may never come again
Now there's friends and lovers and hangers out
And one thing that makes them all the same
That's in this lonely life
You take this boy's advice
You better watch how many times you say

You go your way...

1976 John Sebastian "Welcome Back"