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Three Ravens   (Henske/Yester)

A knight has fallen here
He lies beneath his shield
Three ravens fly down wind and sky
To watch and wait
He will never rise
His staring eyes are blind
And above him, the ravens sing

At evening down there came a doe
Through the tall pasture grass
She held her head so high and proud
The tears stood in her eyes
And she cried
I have come, I will stay
I have come, I will stay

She lifted up his head
And kissed his wounds so red
And by his side she wept and died
In bitterness

The racing moon will trace
Their resting place
Till the dawn
When above them
With shining wings
And hungry eyes
The ravens sing

1969 Third Story Music Inc. and
Barmpatonph Musik
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester
"Farewell Aldebaran", Straight Records