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The Room Nobody Lives In   (John Sebastian)

The room nobody lives in is up the stairs
and four dooors down the hall
And noone ever goes there
Excepts for linens when the family comes to call

The room nobody lives in is always empty
but imaculately clean
And all is softly silent, except for buzzings
of the flies between the screens

But there's a feeling even breathing in the air
Like there's someone, when there's noone even there
And I'm hearing the cheers for the heroes
of scenes going down in this room
for so many years

But now nobody goes there for forty years or so
this room has been alone
And starving for a moment, completely human
and completely all her own

The room nobody lives in is up the stairs
And four doors down the hall

1968, 1970 Faithful Virtue Music Co., Inc
John Sebastian "John B. Sebastian"