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Sweet Muse    (John Sebastian)

Well I wish we knew as we sit here stewin'
in a Hollywood studio
As we make mistakes and the bass drum breaks
And we ask "Will she ever show?"

Because she comes and goes but everybody knows
when the lady comes around
Cause the room goes away and everybody plays
and we're the happiest men in town

Sweet muse won't you please send it on thru
All this music comes from you
So let them tunes....roll on thru
Sweet muse can you hear me callin' you?

Now you can play them tracks until it breaks your back
So just keep that girl in mind
Cause if the muse ain't there we ain't goin' nowhere
and you'll never know what she's like

She might play the harmonica, sing like Veronica
Blush when she's outta tune
She might have guitar picks and strawberry lipstick
kisses in the afternoon

Sweet muse, you're alive, you're alive
When you're here it feels so right
Stay for tonight...stay for my life
Sweet muse, can't you hear me callin' you?

Chicken Flats Music; c/Warner-Tamerlane Pub.Corp (BMI)
1971 John Sebastian "The Four Of Us"
Reprise Records