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St. Nicholas Hall   (Henske/Yester)

St.Nicholas Hall sends greetings to all
of the lambs that have strayed from the fold
A message sent from Sister Content
(You remember her as your Dean)
She is mean and incredibly old

Give to the building fund
(the chaple's ramshackle and small)
God's in his home on high
(We are not afraid to die)
We need new texts for zoology
(Heaven's equal and free)
There's a banquet for the missal mart
(The menu will be a la carte)
The Lutheran's hell is threatening as well
All our ignorant orphans in Spain
Our mission there is drafty and bare,
Though the sisters never complain
Not one convert will go there again
Blessed are the pure in heart
(We need a new organ by June)
Blessed are the merciful
(The old one's badly out of tune)
Blessed are the peacemakers
(Please send us the money soon)
Sincerely yours in Jesus
Your Dean

1969 Third Story Music Inc. and
Barmpatonph Musik
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester
"Farewell Aldebaran", Straight Records