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Only Pretty, What A Pity

Eyes to look at,not to see through
She never could see truth for lies
With a smile she'd win em over
Her face a trick to take a prize

Tickled pink
The mid aged dandy
Sold his horse to buy her all the
Icing for her face like candy
Hung up the mirrors wall to wall

Married life was short but funny
With long lost cousins dropping by
Later on her alimony
Paid for young men's gentle sighs

By the window hangs a mirror
where she hides her sagging chin
Now sadly as she crouches nearer
Never seeing past her skin

Mommy said
When you were younger
The face you made would stay that way
That's all true and if you doubt it
Reflect upon yourself today

Everyone except the baby
Answers for the face they wear
It's the mast of your contentment
Or the mask of your despair

Only Pretty,What a pity
Only Pretty,What a pity