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I Needed Her Most When I Told Her To Go (Sebastian)

In the fever of a fire
I said things I don't mean
I guess at times in love like this
I'm a kid of sixteen
And in a rage I pushed away
The one that loved me so
But I needed her most
When I told her to go, yeah

Crazy thoughts were buzzin' round
Like bees around a comb
Was it all a fantasy
The way we got along
I know you so well
But you know me and now we fight
Same thing made us fall in love
Made us mad enough to cry

Ooh we, it makes me want to jump and shout
I love you more today
For having had to work it out

In the evening when you're lyin'
Close by my side
And we're filled with thoughts of love
And memories of good times

I'll remember the day
You walked as far as the door
You know I needed you most
When I told you to go, yes
I needed you most when I told you to go

1976 John Sebastian "Welcome Back"