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I Don't Want Nobody Else   (John Sebastian)

Well I guess I had to break some hearts
And I guess I had to play some parts
And I bet a few bad hands of cards
Out of the blue

But right away you made me melt
So if I ever ask yourself
I don't want nobody else
since I got you

Now we talked about our former lives
And I never saw you drop your eyes
In a minute you can realize
Out of the blue

Your words'll float away like steam
And if it's more than you can believe
Happiness just happened to me
Since I got you

I've spent some time in a hotel for broken men
I got so lost I nearly found myself again
So if there's just a corner of your heart
that needs to hear it said
about how far this feeling goes
like you raised me from the dead

I said I don't want nobody else
If you ever ask yourself
I don't want nobody else
Since I got you

Chicken Flats Music;
c/Warner-Tamerlane Pub.Corp (BMI)
1971 John Sebastian "The Four Of Us"
Reprise Records