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Horses On A Stick   (Henske/Yester)

Come ride with me
We'll gallop through the sky
The stars our road will be
On racing winds we'll fly
But the thunder hurts your ears
And the rain is really nothing but tears
The stars too bright they blind you only night
And loneliness dispel your darkness

And your sad go-round
Your horses are too small
You're on a bad go-round
You're so afraid you'll fall
But your horse is shod with starlight
His hooves strike sparks in the night
Afraid some day he'll carry you away
You've hobbled in your mind's pasture

So don't run and hide
The merry-go-round sings
The good and bad inside
The light and darkness brings
When the world at last will end
And above earth bright angels bend
The merry-go-round will stop its happy sound
And we will sleep for a thousand years

1969 Third Story Music Inc. and
Barmpatonph Musik
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester
"Farewell Aldebaran", Straight Records