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Good Time Music   (John Sebastian)

I've been listening to my radio
For two or three years
And the music they've been playing is so doggone bad
That it's offendin'to my ears
But them kids come over from the Mersey river
Made us think back till then
So let's put on our shoes
And think about the blues
And start all over again

With that Good Time Music
Like we played so long ago, don't you know
With that Good Time Music
Yes, it's back on the radio

I don't want no cryin'violins
No sax, no slide trombones
I don't want no screaming ya-ya girls
And no honkin'English horns
I don't want no symphony orchestra
With the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
All I want is a guita, a harp and drum
Just to set my soul on fire

With that Good Time Music...

1965, 1966 Faithful Virtue Music Co., Inc
The Lovin'Spoonful "What's Shakin"