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Full Measure   (John Sebastian/Steve Boone)

The full measure of your giving
You don't yet understand
A cupful of living
That you hold in your hand

The full weight of your loving
Makes me lighter than air
The tax I'm receiving
Now I know that it never was there

It started off just stickin'around
To get that wonderful feeling from you
Now there's finally someone telling me
I can really give too

I know you know the feeling
That getting something for nothing is wrong
Getting love is so easy
Giving love takes so long

I've heard them say it at Christmas
Now I can say it to you
The feeling of giving
Is as good as I'm getting from you
It's as good as I'm getting from you

1966, 1967 Faithful Virtue Music Co., Inc,
"Hums Of The Lovin' Spoonful" Buddah Records