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Freezin' From The Inside Out    (John Sebastian)

Cross-eyed and crazy I sit here in the snow
Lookin' at the sky and wonderin' if there may be more
I thought I was prepared but I guess that I was not
Now I'm freezin' from the inside out

Snowbound, we was locked up inside
For an awful long time
Snowbound, when the snow and the cold
Play tricks on your mind

I smiled quite blankly as down that icy road
My neighbor came waving and breaking through the snow
His blankets and jackets were too late for me now
That I'm freezin' from the inside out

I know that I'm older but there's spaces I forgot
I think it got colder when the front door was locked

My kids are all crying, I've burned up all their toys
My wife wants me to go out and get drunk with the boys
But liquor will not warm me, or raise my spirits now
That I'm freezin' from the inside out

1992  John Sebastian "Tar Beach"
Shanachie Entertainment Corp.