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Farewell Aldebaran    (Henske/Yester)

Farewell Aldebaran
See, she is descending now
Starting the slide
The comets cling to her
The fiery bride
She is the mother of
The mark and the prize
The glaze of paradise
is in her eyes
Her mouth is torn with stars
and brushed with wings
She cannot call to us
She does not sing
Abandoned and bright
Out from Andromeda
into the night
flaming she falls
Farewell Aldebaran
Alpha Crucis
Lift me up
Alpha Centauri
It is too far
to come to die
Too far to die

1969 Third Story Music Inc. and
Barmpatonph Musik
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester
"Farewell Aldebaran", Straight Records