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Don't Bank On It Baby (Sebastian)

- I said don't bank on it, baby, don't bank on my love for you
I said 'Don't bank on it, baby, 'cause I'm glad if you'll be true

1. Well, you walk by the jewellery store, you ask me to be engaged
You know you're lookin' for a diamond ring and I feel about beein' caged 

2. Don't you act so sure yourself, you and your pretty face
Goin' around, sayin' 'I'm your slave' all over the place

Don’t bank on it..

3. Yeah, I remember the other night you started out on a spree
You were flirtin' with all the guys, never had an eye for me

4. Don't you ask me to tag around 'cause I just don't have time
You know you're gonna have to staighten out if you wanna stay mine