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Darling Be Home Soon     (John Sebastian)

Come and talk of all the things we did today
Here and laugh about our funny little ways
while we have a few minutes to breathe
and I know that it's time you must leave

But darling be home soon
I couldn't bear to wait an extra minute if you dawdled
My darling be home soon
It's not just these few hours but I've been waiting since I toddled
For the great relief of having you to talk to

And now a quarter of my life is almost passed
I think I've come to see myself at last
and I see that the time spent confused
was the time that I spent without you
And I feel myself in bloom

Go and beat your crazy head against the sky
try and see beyond the houses and your eyes
It's ok to shoot the moon

1967 Lovin'Spoonful "You're A Big Boy Now" – Soundtrack
1967 Lovin'Spoonful Kama Sutra - Single