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Charity    (Henske/Yester)

Ivory rings, singing peacocks
and things from the East
There's a beast on a chain made of gold
All her cargoes change
with the changing seas
And the name of the clipper is The Charity
Her sails are fading in the sky
As she bids the land breeze goodbye
In the teeth of the sea-wind she flies
A million years on a sea of tears

Nightward she sails and the fiery trails
of her wake, drown the sky
"I am breaking" she cries
And her figurehead is a barbary queen
With a breast as cold as the sea is green
And she reaches out her arms to the storm
Her long hair windwhipped and torn
She begs for a harbor that's warm
A million years on a sea of tears

She chries "My name it is The Charity
Beware your luck if you'd sail with me...
Come says the tall ship sailing on the East Wind
Run say the white sails filling with the West Wind
Now say the grey gulls riding on the South Wind
Fly say the green waves breaking in the North Wind

1969 Third Story Music Inc. and
Barmpatonph Musik
Judy Henske & Jerry Yester
"Farewell Aldebaran", Straight Records