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Butchie's Tune

Don't give me a place for my memories to stay
Don't show me an inn or a light to find the way
I ain't got time for the things on your mind
And I'm leavin' you today on my way

Please don't you cry when the time to part has come
It's not for what you've said or anything that you've done
I gotta go anywhere anytime
And I'm leavin', gone today, on my way
I'm goin' home

Please don't stick around to see me when I'm feelin' low
Don't pass the cards to me to deal the crashing blow
I'll leave and close the door so you won't see me go
When I'm leavin' , gone today, I'm on my way

I'll walk away like a shadow in the night
I'll won't give cause for you to feel we have to fight
I'll make it easy so that you won't really
quite know I'm leavin' you today on my way
And now I'm going

1965 Faithful Virtue Music
The Lovin' Spoonful "Daydream"