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Bless 'Em All    (John Sebastian/Phil Galdston)

There's people out there makin' it hard to have
faith in this world
There's people out there doin' their best to get
more than their share
And now the fuse has touched the powder
And the match is to the fuse
And the man who lights the fire leaves no clues

There's people out there settin' their sights on
that big piece of change
There's people out there breakin' the law to
stay out of the cage
Someone's backed into a corner
Someone's neck is on the line
And the man without connections does the time

Bless the thieves and the bandits
Bless their hearts so small
Save your breath, don't you damn them to hell
They can't do nothin' worse than they do to
Bless 'em all, bless 'em all

Someone's running out of favors
Someone's running out of deals
And the man who holds the fortune spins the wheel

1992  John Sebastian "Tar Beach"
Shanachie Entertainment Corp.