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Black Satin Kid     (John Sebastian)

Out of the kickinest state of the union
with cattle and the katydids
A kid with dungarees with holes in the knees
But they call him the Black Satin Kid

Black Satin Kid, where you gonna run to
Black Satin Kid
Dounle kickin' Black Satin Kid
Who you gonna drum to
Black Satin Kid
Shoulder shakin' , heart breakin'
Black Satin Kid

All he ever carried was some funk-butt drums
And they cost him every dime he had
But he saved the show
Left 'em screamin' for more
when the band was walkin' out bad

Black Satin Kid.....

Well you can talk about your East Coast/West Coast jazz
and you Nashville country western soul
They gonna talk about a kid from San Antone
in the history book of Rock'n Roll

Chicken Flats Music; c/Warner-Tamerlane Pub.Corp (BMI)
1971 John Sebastian "The Four Of Us"
Reprise Records