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The Train Song (Hillman/Parsons)

Six more days and I'll be gone
Get On The train that'll take sme home
That old train is where I belong
Home's gonna feel just fine
When that old trains gonna move me down the line

Yes I know him and you do too
There's a lot he can do for you
Looking down from on his throne
Gonna make you feel alright (????)
Just let him keep his arms around you tight

He gave this world to you and me
We're going fishing in the creek
So find yourself a little girl
The world's gonna be alright
Just keep you arms around each other tight

Copyright 1969 Irving Music Inc.(BMI)
A & M Records

The Flying Burrito Brothers "Close Up The Honkytonks"
A & M Records
Outtake from the "Burrito Deluxe" LP
A & M Records