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Strange Way (Rick Roberts)

Didn't I hear you cry this morning didn't I feel you weep
Teardrops flowin' down on me, like rivers in my sleep
And in my dream of laughter, you came creepin' with your fears
Telling me your sorrows, in the tracings of your tears

That's a strange way to tell me you love me
When your sorrow is all I can see
If you just want to cry to somebody, don't cry to me, no
Don't cry to me, no

Didn't I hear your voice this morning, didn't you call my name
I heard you whisper softly, but the words were never plain
And in your dream of darkness, I came shinin' like the sun
Waiting for the laughter, but the laughter never comes

Didn't you feel alone this morning, didn't you need a friend
And in your darkest hour, you came runnin' back again

Copyright 1978, Firefall Elan

Rick Roberts tells:
I am forever grateful to my dear friend Lynka Adams,
who wrote a poem with the first couplet of this lyric.
"Didn't I hear you cry this morning, didn't I feel you weep."
Without that, I never would have written the song.
She gave me her permission and generously refused to take
a co-writer credit. Thanks, Lynka!