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SHADOW CAPTAIN (Crosby/Doerge)

Oh, captain, what are we hiding from?
You've been hiding from the start
Did some lover steal your heart
Or did the full moon make you mad?

Oh, captain, why these speechless seas
That never seem to land?
Oh I need to understand
Could a little light be that bad?

I can see your hands are roughened
By the wheel and the rope
I'd like to look to you for hope
I think it's hiding there
This boat is blacked out like a city
Awaiting bombers in the night
Oh you hold your helm so tight
And yet the sky seems so fair

Who guides this ship
Dreaming through the seas
Turning and searching
Whichever way you please?
Speak to me, I need to see your face
Shadowy captain, in a darkened space

If I were to spy a city
Floating just above the sea
Could we stop
And look for me
Among those playing on the pier?

Or would you turn away knowing
It was still a ways away
And if I was there today
you could not see me all that clear

Shadowy captain of a charcoal ship
Trying to give the light the slip

Crosby, Stills & Nash "CSN" 1977
Crosby, Stills & Nash "Allies" 1983