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Restless (Hillman)

I'm restless like every other man alive
I'm still restless keeping myself alive
As the world keeps closing in over my shoulders where I've been
I'll be restless until I find it reach the end

Oh darling, won't you stand by me
And I walk through the years and share what's meant to be
We will never surrender we will never give in
Always forgiving, we'll be together until we finally reach the end

I'm weary, I'm unable, sometimes I stumble and I'm unstable
I carry on just to rest in your arms

I've been blessed with a good life giving more than I deserve
Did I really make a difference, have I lived every word
Of the dangers that rustle every line and every cur
Keeps me restless until I finally write a word

I'm in no hurry, got no worries, just try to be the best I can
I carry on just to rest in your arms

I carry on just to rest in your arms

Chris Hillman "Biding My Time" 2017