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Piece Of Paper   (Burnett)

Well I'm no man of letters
Feel I like no man at all
Well I had one to offer, an'
you just took him, that's all
that you could do for another man
who had something to give
Take what the boy's got
and leave him dyin' to live
With his piece of paper, peace of mind
If I can piece together
what you left behind
Remember the place where you
left me that time
Well I'm callin' from there
Didn't cry, didn't die
Don't know why I believed your lie
that I heard before in the rules of the game
You can lose just the same
Well I'm still feelin' better
And I hope that it don't take too long
I heard stories about men who
just leave and stay gone
But there's too much to live with
And there's very little wrong
beein' satisfied, singin' on
With one more song
With my
Piece of paper...

Firefall  "Luna Sea"
1976  Powder Music, ASCAP.