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Parade of Lost Dreams (C. McGuinn / R. McGuinn)

Hollywood Boulevard parade of lost dreams
Is there no modesty in Sodom?
Sipping Perrier and checking out the scene
Inches away from the bottom

Expensive foreign cars and fancy limousines
Can the people live without 'em?
Swimming in a fishbowl with their tabloid magazines
They say they love it, but I doubt 'em

We're watching the parade of lost dreams
We're watching the parade of lost dreams

Thousand dollar tables at the black tie dinner show
What's that got to do with music?
Fame's a fleeting vapor and the only thing they know
They know they're going to lose it

They started out in Shakespeare and ended up in soap
When did the money start to matter?
Better is a poor man happy in his hope
Than the world on a platter

Graduated law school and got into the race
When did justice turn to power?
Now he's hosting lobbies and all that they embrace
This could be his final hour

Debauchery and murder and every kind of crime
Are they hidden in the closet?
They don't know the love of money is the evil of all time
So they make their big deposit