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King For A Night     (Roger McGuinn/Chris Hillman)

Don't want to lose that feeling that I get from you
When I'm standing on the stage I do what you want me to
When I feel the lights shining bright on my face
Trouble disappears without a trace

Don't wanna live my life without you beeing there
It would be so hard without someone to care
Even if it's only an hour it's just the right thing
When I hear that applause I feel like a king

King for a night, I just can't leave you alone
King for a night, then you gotta go home
King for a night, king for a night

When you're not home at night I feel an empty feeling inside
I got to struggle and fight to control my pride
Tossing and turning in bed I can't get to sleep
Trying to hold on that feeling I know I can't keep

Capitol Records  1980