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It's Gone    (McGuinn/Levy)

A simple thing, another spring
and you were there to share my empty bed
But now I see you played with me
I can't believe I heard the words you said
It's gone

Now you're crying shame, you curse my name
For askin' you to go you throw me to the wolves
But wasn't it clear the end was here?
And we were beein' sentimental fools
It's gone

Remember that day in the sun, the lake reflecting gold
Walk behind the waterfall, I hold you
And what would we have done
if the future could be told?
The sun was goin'  down and it was cold
It was cold
Nothin's free for you or me
I know about the pain, it's mainly in your head
But at the start it was your heart
the night you came to share my empty bed
It's gone

Roger McGuinn   "Thunderbyrd" 1977
"Three Byrds Land in London"