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Heaven Is My Home (Hillman/Hill)

I'm going to make heaven my home
Walk up to God's holy throne
Take Him by the hand
When I reach the Promised Land
I'm gonna go right through that gate
I won't even hesitate
Gonna make heaven my home sweet home

When this world is rough and ragged
You got to reach right out and grab it
You got to shake it down, hold it up
And send it on to the Lord

Then take that road uptown
Where you'll wear a golden crown
Gonna make heaven my home sweet home
(when heaven is your home sweet home)

I won't need anymore TV
I'll have Jesus in front of me
Lighting my way
Each and every day
I won't worry 'bout my neighbor
Cause we'll both be in God's favor
Gonna make heaven my home sweet home

When I#ve reached my destination
I'll be done with all temptation
I'm gonna dance and shout and sing with the Lord
And my family who've gone before
Will be at my new front door
When I move into my home sweet home.