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Headed For A Fall    (Roberts)

Runnin' from the feelings
You can't disguise
Finding all your reasons
in alibis
You can say you're breezin
it's not that way at all
Headed for a fall

Looking for excuses
to hide your shame
But all your little ruses
don't change a thing
But you're the one who loses
By runnin' from it all
Your back's against the wall
Headed for a fall

Staring out your window
at the pouring rain
Tryin' to hide your sorrow
in your sweet champagne
You can't lose your troubles
in the bubbles of your wine
You only make them easier to find
Easier to find

All you wasted chances
How do they feel
All you sweet romances
They were never real
You're the one who dances
You gotta pay the piper's call
Back's against the wall, headed for a fall

Firefall  "Undertow"
1980 Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Company/
El Sueno Music