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He Don't Deserve You Anymore     (Buck Owens)

When I found you darling and he saw his big mistake
He saw what he was losing, felt his heart begin to break
Please don't let him talk you 'bout the way he's done before
'Cause he had a hundred chances, he don't deserve you anymore

Let  his eyes do the crying, let his feet walk the floor
Let his heart do the breakin' like he's let yours before
Let his lips do the sighing, let his heartache start to sore
Let his arms do the achin', he don't deserve you anymore

He took you for granted and he only brought you shame
It was never his intention to let you share his name
Lonely hours you've waited now won't happen anymore
Richess turned to feel the hurt, he don't deserve you anymore

Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen
"Bakersfield Bound"  1996