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Have you seen the stars tonite (Crosby / Kantner)

Have you seen the stars tonite
Would you like to go upon "A" deck and look at them with me
Have you seen the stars tonite
Would you like to go up for a stroll and keep me company

Do you know
We could go
We are free
And place you can think of
We could be

Have you seen the stars tonite
Have you looked at all the family of stars

Let the children lead you
Let the children feel you
Let the children be you
Whatever happens to Tim Leary will happen to Amerika
Become your own Woodstock you ain't gonna find it
In a no dope movie show

Don't think I'm on your side
I'm on nobody side
I'm a battlefield
Burn me or mark me
Explode me and beat me
I we you will live
I'm gonna go
I won't run

Past Uranus and Pluto
We break through
Moving on out of the cool and the dark
We open our hands and build a Park
And (that's all) Amerika apart
For her children to return with their starship
If you lived only on earth you've never seen the sun
Or the promise of a thousand other suns that glow beyond

If you care to see the future
Look into the eyes of the young dancing children
Don't be afraid of what we do
We share our hope
We share our dope
Our music is yours
And you are the magic

There really is something going on
Were not just putting you on
It really is magic

And each - takes us farther from all humanity
You hear more
You see farther
You feel the planets in your body