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Hang on the Bell
(T. Connor, C. Erard, R. Parker)

The scene was in the jailhouse, and if curfew rang that night
The guy in number 13 cell would go out like a light
She knew her Dad was innocent, and so Poor Little Nell
Has tied her tender torso to the clapper of the bell

cho: Oh, hang on the bell, Nelly, hang on the bell
Your poor Daddy's locked in a cold prison cell
As you swing to the left, and you swing to the right
Remember that curfew must never ring tonight

It all began when Nelly said, "No! No!" to Handsome Jack
And struggled as he tried to kiss her by the railroad track
Her Dad rushed up to save her as the train came down the line
And Jack fell back across the track and paid the price of crime

Dear Daddy was arrested, and brought up before the Law
The P'liceman said,"Old Handsome Jack ain't handsome any more!"
Then Nelly came and pleaded, but the jury did not care ---
They didn't have a sofa, so they offered him the chair

Well, they pulled upon the bellrope, but there was no ting-a-ling
They could not get their business done, the curfew would not ring!
Upstairs, poor Nell was swinging, while below they pulled and heaved
When suddenly a voice cried "Stop! Your father's been reprieved!"

Now, that's the bedtime story that the wardens love to tell
The convicts listen to this tale of Plucky Little Nell
And how she saved her Dad that night --- the curfew did not ring!
And tears run down their faces, while in harmony they sing:

The Chad Mitchell Trio - Mighty Day On Campus